Photograph of Martin Benedikt and Frank Eichenseer with the M&S SPICE Logo

intacs Working Group: M&S SPICE®

Systematic Quality-Assurance for Modeling & Simulation Across Industries


With the newly established intacs Working Group “Modeling & Simulation SPICE®”, SETLabs is pushing forward a domain-independent issue: trust in simulation results, by providing sufficient evidence through the capability of simulation (model) development processes.

In the realm of simulation, the concept of trust holds considerable significance for development engineers across numerous industries. This aspiration, once perceived as a mere wish, is steadily evolving into a tangible reality.

Building on its prior achievements of the ITEA3 UPSIM project, SETLabs has taken a momentous step by launching an intacs Working Group. This step ensures that the process assessment models are accessible on a broader scale.

The Working Group “Modeling & Simulation (M&S) SPICE®” is inspired by Automotive SPICE® as a well-renowned example for domain-specific implementation of the assessment principles of the ISO 330xx series. Furthermore, it builds upon the “Credible Simulation Process Framework” from the prostep ivip association.


What happens next?

The inaugural phase of Modeling & Simulation SPICE® involves the finalization of the first specification draft, which contains a process reference model as well as a tailored process assessment model, serving as a reference and thus a solid basis for a systematic assessment of organizations’ modeling and simulation capabilities.

Through the provision of a Process Reference Model (PRM) and a supplementing Process Assessment Model (PAM), our primary objective is to expedite the adoption of virtual-enriched product development processes, methods, tooling, and technologies in the market. This engages a structured and systematic utilization of Modeling & Simulation for informed decision support and decision-making.

Supplemented by the intacs Assessor Certification Scheme, personnel competence and organizational capabilities can be explicitly expressed, building a solid foundation for (augmented) virtual verification and validation.

M&S SPICE® is defined in a domain-independent way, applicable to many sectors and is especially designed to be compatible to the current activities in automotive (EUR 2022/1426, EuroNCAP), rail (CEN/TR 17833:2022) and medical (FDA-2021-D-0980) industrial verticals.


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What is SPICE?

In the world of software, SPICE is not a flavor ingredient, but an abbreviation. It stands for “Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination”.

Originally, SPICE was a project funded by the European Union. The goal of this project was to develop a counterpart to CMMI – a systematic illustration of best practices to support the improvement of an organization.

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Automotive SPICE® is a domain-specific adaption of the International Standard ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE). The purpose of Automotive SPICE® is the assessment of process capability. It is mainly used to evaluate the development processes of automotive suppliers of control units.

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