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Credible Simulation Processes

The Strategic Power of Credible Simulation Processes

At this year’s INCOSE International Symposium in Honolulu, SETLabs presented a possible approach to derive and ensure required levels of modeling and simulation credibility from the criticality of a simulation task. Additionally, we unveiled an assessment model designed to measure the effective implementation of a credible simulation process.

Using or not using numerical simulation along the product lifecycle is no longer a significant competitive differentiator among companies and industries. Still, simulation is predominantly used as a complementary support action to critical paths. Critical decisions, such as final certification approvals, continue to rely on real testing rather than solely on simulation. Consequently, the true potential of simulation use with respect to the significant challenges posed by the complexity of modern and intricate products, such as autonomous vehicles, is still limited.

What also slows down a more extensive use of simulation in product development is that the costs associated with computer-aided engineering (CAE), including staff training, tool licenses, computing infrastructure, and simulation data management systems, are substantial and also difficult to interpret in terms of return on investment (ROI).


Maximizing Potential and Minimizing Costly Consequences

Whenever engineering or business decisions rely on simulation results, there is an implicit expectation of credibility. Without this expectation, the time and cost invested in a simulation project would not be justified. Misleading simulation results can have a detrimental economic impact, leading to costly repairs, project delays, retrofits, and safety issues.

The true differentiating factor lies in how intelligently companies utilize simulation.

Unfortunately, the full potential of modeling and simulation in industry remains underexploited due to missing frameworks and methods for determining and assuring modeling and simulation credibility.


Paper presentation at INCOSE International Symposium

At this year’s INCOSE International Symposium, Frank Eichenseer (SETLabs Research GmbH) took part in the world’s largest annual gathering of systems engineering professionals. During his participation, he presented a potential method for determining and assuring the necessary levels of credibility in modeling and simulation, based on the criticality of the simulation task.

Furthermore, he introduced a framework for assessing the implementation of a credible simulation process: Modeling & Simulation SPICE®.


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Find the full paper here.

The creation of the paper presented was partially supported by the ITEA3 UPSIM project (N°19006). UPSIM aims to provide the industry with Open Access Standards & Tooling for the quantification of Simulation Credibility via a reasonable Credibility Assessment Framework and application-specific Best Practices.

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UPSIM project – Unleash Potentials in Simulation
The ITEA3 UPSIM Project N°19006 has been made possible by the financial contribution from national funding agencies from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Romania.

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