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Credible / reliable simulation

UPSIM – Unleash Potentials in Simulation

To ensure credible simulation, SETLabs is partner in the ITEA project UPSIM.
UPSIM aims for system simulation credibility via introducing a formal simulation quality management approach, encompassing collaboration and continuous integration for complex systems.

Numerical simulation is now common in the development, production, and operation of product lifecycles, which means that it is no longer the competitive differentiator. Given current trends towards product personalisation and supply chain deverticalisation, real testing is also proving practically and economically impossible for smart systems – yet less than 1% of today’s physical machines and components use models that capture and mimic behaviour. Computer-assisted engineering costs, staff training, tool license fees, computing infrastructure and data management are all obstacles to raising this figure. 

The UPSIM project addresses these issues through four innovations in simulation governance:
1. Modelling and simulation reference processes and a metric for determining the Digital Twin Readiness Level.
2. Collaboration patterns for efficient Digital Twin development.
3. AI-enriched Hybrid Simulations for simulation reality convergence.
4. Infrastructure for the ‘chained’ identification of Credible Digital Twin simulation artefacts.

UPSIM’s key outcomes are standardisation for simulation quality assurance and democratisation for enabling broadly use of simulation. On a technical level, the project will ensure simulation reliability for both analysts and non-experts, aiming for 15-25% better test coverage and a similar percentage reduction in remaining defects. The commercial advantages of this improved productivity are clear: 35-55% fewer costs in defect removal and a 20-25% improvement in time-to-market.